Monday, October 15, 2012

Irish Eyes

Steven called from Tenessee looking for a photographer and explained he was marrying a girl from Ireland who he met while in Annapolis on business.  I could tell he was nervous booking a photographer over the phone but we do this all the time and was happy to walk him through the process.  Turns out one of Kims friends I've known for years and we had a great time cruising Annapolis before it rained. Congratulations! 


Friday, October 12, 2012

 A couple shots of the scene at a recent AAMC Breast Center Tea and fashion show and the gals who strutted their stuff featuring clothing from Lululemon . Very inspiring bunch of people who attended and work there..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So I see the Neiman Marcus catalog came out today.  A family portrait session might be more special as time goes by than "his and her watches" and costs $999,875.00 less. 
As you may have seen in the Capital or in your mailbox recently we are in the midst of the Fall Location portrait special. We will come to your location or another Annapolis location and take photos of your family (including pets) for a 50% discount until November 2nd. $125 for a session fee includes consultation. 

Great opportunity to photograph ever growing families and get a head start on gifts, holiday cards and  create a memory which will last a lifetime. 
Click SCHEDULE SESSION to pick your time/date and even pay for your session. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Blogging

Back to Blogging

After photographing these cuties last week over in Easton I decided to resurrect the blog today (after 3 years) . I'm going to do my best to catch everyone up but we have been so busy I'll just have to hit the highlights.

  This coincides with our  Fall Location Portrait Special which launches tomorrow and ends on Halloween. 50% off sitting fee and you can book your appointment online here!

This is a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors before the cold sets in and create a memory that will last forever.